Precision since 1923

AUVERNA T.Guldimann AG, based in Horriwil in Switzerland, produces precision turned parts for many renowned companies in various industries.

We are fully dedicated to manufacturing parts ready for fitting, including secondary and finishing procedures, exactly to the specifications of your drawings.

Our Core Competency is CNC-Turning in Small,
Medium and Large Series

Our continuous aim to deliver unparalleled product quality and excellent service enables our customers to gain sustainable benefit.

We consistently think and act with the solution in mind, from making an offer to delivering our precision parts. Our well-trained and experienced staff have a high degree of flexibility and personal responsibility and continuously strive to develop themselves professionally.

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The AUVERNA Portfolio

The AUVERNA T. Guldimann AG and its company facts, services and special capabilities – at a glance!

Company Facts:

Founded as a family-owned corporation
Founding Year: 1923
Based: in Horriwil, Switzerland
Managing Director: Martin Ziegler
Sales: Martin Ziegler and Matthias Studer
Staff: 15 employees
Quality management: process-oriented, according to ISO 9001:2015


The manufacture of turned and milled parts according to customer specifications.

Product Range:

Screw machine type – precision turned parts: 5mm – 65mm ⌀, lotsize 10 – 10 000 pieces
Swiss-type turned parts: 0.5 – 32mm ⌀, lotsize 10 – 100 000 pieces, including milling and drilling operations and heat as well as surface treating.
Turned parts such as screws, bolts and nuts as well as mechanically mounted/ assembled components and sub-assemblies.

Special Capabilities:

Manufacturing and processing of special parts made of chromium-nickel steels, titanium and special materials.

Product Examples:

Axles, articulated axles, bearing bushings, bolts, casters, clevises, clevis pins, fittings, flanges, gear box parts, hosebarbs, housings, joining elements, various machine parts, nuts, parts ready for fitting, piston rods, retaining pins, retainers, screws, shafts, spacer rings, spindles, threaded bushings, threaded joints, valves, wedges, complete modules.


Free cutting steel, non-ferrous metals and light alloys, plastics, stainless steel, tempered steel, special materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel or Nimonic.

Customers Served:

Medical Technology: Several market-leading companies have their highly demanding parts manufactured by us. They are then built into surgical instruments, operating tables, purification and disinfection systems, vacuum devices, pumps or compressed-air engines.
Mechanical Engineering: Several renowned companies have their components and sub-assemblies manufactured by us. They are then used in power plants, ship engines or turbines all over the world.
Electrical Engineering: Several international companies entrust us with producing parts which are then built into control cabinets, fuse housings, protective cabinets, cable connection systems and sensor technology.
Apparatus Engineering: Several well-known companies have ordered parts for shearing machines, industrial fittings and valves, welding instruments and technical building systems from us.
Furniture Industry: Several brand-name companies have parts manufactured by us which are then used in home and office furniture, in lighting or design objects.
We also serve plant construction, joining technology, bicycle manufacturers as well as the electronics and aerospace industries.

AUVERNA’s Mission and Vision

A sound business knows why it does what it does. And why it is striving to do it even better today.


Our mission is to provide precision parts with the highest degree of flexibility possible and thus maintain our leading position as a supplier to various industries.
Flexibility to us means supporting our customers in creating ready-for-production designs, responding quickly to our customers’ problems of any kind as well as the ability to make a first (partial) delivery at very short notice.


Our vision is to exceed our customers’ expectations and to thus secure the company’s financial foundation in the long term.


AUVERNA Partners With Local Businesses

Auverna T.Guldimann AG invests into regional strength and thus supports domestic growth.

We give preference to local Swiss partners. This is not only because we are convinced of their dependability and the quality of their services but also because we are ecologically and economically minded.

Why cover large distances if excellent quality is only a few steps away?



AUVERNA is a Strong Member... strong communities. Such support is pivotal to excellent achievements.


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Certificate 9001:2015 (english)
Certificate IQ-NET (english)


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At a glance

  • Founded as a family-owned corporation
  • Founding year: 1923
  • Based: in Horriwil, Switzerland
  • Managing Director: Martin Ziegler
  • Sales: Martin Ziegler and Matthias Studer
  • Staff: 15 employees
  • Quality management: process-oriented, according to ISO 9001:2008

Industries Served:

  • Apparatus- and plant construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Furniture Industry
  • Joining Industry

We procure and manufacture in Switzerland

Our Strengths

Expertise - Flexibility - Reliability

...have made up AUVERNA since 1923!

AUVERNA General Terms and Conditions

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