AUVERNA Consulting Services

We consider our clients to be our partners in finding and developing the best solution!

In our opinion good consulting starts long before it is about the actual job. Actually, it is at first not even linked to a specific order. To us the purpose of the consulting phase is to create the kind of framework in our company which is optimally suited for your needs. It also means for us to share our know-how with you. It involves expert support service, efficient communication and cooperation marked by mutual openness.

Allow us to share our views with you, even if you do not think this is necessary. AUVERNA’s consultation service is the seed which will ensure an abundant harvest later on!



AUVERNA Powerful Performance for Optimal Results

We continuously invest into new machinery, technologies and ideas in order to provide you with only the best!

Modern technologies and flexible capacities yield the greatest benefit to a business and its customers. High-performance machinery makes this possible. If you click on Production you can have a first look at ours.

At AUVERNA, however, our power to perform is based on much more than just our machinery.



AUVERNA is Solution Focused with any Requirement

It always pays to take advantage of AUVERNA’s experience. In our mindset anything can be made possible. And this applies to very unique demands as well.

“Can you turn this?” – This is probably the one single question which we are asked most frequently. Our response almost always is, “Yes, we can”. In the rare cases where we might not be able to respond in the affirmative right away, we will – together with you – find a way to eventually also arrive at a “Yes”.

Short Distances
We are convinced that close personal contact to our customers is mutually beneficial, as it means short distances from the “problem” to the “solution”. The same applies to our internal communication processes. Occasionally a few extra internal consultations might be needed, but this never takes long.

We might even give you a few entirely new ideas and you might realize with great astonishment “Oh, this can also be turned like that!” This often happens when our customers find out that we cannot only turn round, but also square shapes.

We invite you to experience our attitude of “We will make it possible” for yourself!



AUVERNA Delivery Service for Local Customers

We enjoy being in personal contact with our customers, hence we will be delighted to directly deliver your products to your company!

One particular strength of ours is the fact that in our thoughts and actions our customers always are our primary focus.
Why, then, ship parts by pallets or boxes if this customer’s site is only a few kilometers from AUVERNA’s?
It would be much easier to make a personal delivery, would it not?
So if you would like us to do so, we will be happy to!

Contact us today to find out more!



AUVERNA Products Arrive in Good Condition

In terms of logistics and packaging we make the appropriate choices to allow our products to reach your door step in good condition and at exactly the right moment.

Apart from our own delivery service for local customers we also use the reliable services of modern logistics partners. This ensures that your products will arrive safely and in a timely fashion.
Our packaging solutions provide an optimal balance of price and performance. We rely on a packaging system which is certified to the ISO 9001/14001 quality, environmental and occupational health and safety standards. Each packaging unit is optimally suited to ensure that AUVERNA’s products arrive in good condition.

It goes without saying that AUVERNA shipments meet our customers’ requirements with regards to cleanliness and preservation. We consider this an important part of AUVERNA’s high-quality shipping services as well!



The AUVERNA Stock for Urgent Cases

Even though we manufacture to order, we know that occasionally a particularly quick response might be urgently needed.

We always think and act in our customers’ best interests. The AUVERNA stock exemplifies this very well. It is not uncommon for our customers to call us and ask about an additional supply of previously ordered parts. Now rather than rushing to manufacture a new batch we first simply have a look at our stock, because it is highly likely that we will be able to help. We keep many products on stock in order to be able to help our customers in an emergency.



What can we do for you?
Let us hear about your needs and technical requirements.
Experience AUVERNA’s attitude of «We will make it possible»!

At a glance

  • Founded as a family-owned corporation
  • Founding year: 1923
  • Based: in Horriwil, Switzerland
  • Managing Director: Martin Ziegler
  • Sales: Martin Ziegler and Matthias Studer
  • Staff: 15 employees
  • Quality management: process-oriented, according to ISO 9001:2008

Industries Served:

  • Apparatus- and plant construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Furniture Industry
  • Joining Industry

We procure and manufacture in Switzerland

Our Strengths

Expertise - Flexibility - Reliability

...have made up AUVERNA since 1923!

AUVERNA General Terms and Conditions

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  • Tel.: +41 32 613 32 72
    Fax: +41 32 613 32 70

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